Catherine Painvin

Interior design of an office in Rodez, France

The interior is designed as the office of a Real Estate agency specialised in character properties and castles – I chose to give it a home feel atmosphere.

Materials used:

  • wood, mirrors, woollen rugs, a selection of the most comfortable woollen and cotton chairs and armchairs by Côté Table;
  • wooden table and floor lamps by Côté Table;
  • photo frames in various sizes;
  • wooden bookshelves;
  • heather wood shelves;
  • oak tree and its leaves;
  • candle jars and holders;
  • Lauze tile panels;
  • 12 large wooden frames for the conference room;
  • grain-embossed leather desk pads;
  • wood and slate low tables and consoles;
  • large globe lamps for the conference table;
  • fruit baskets;
  • solid wood console with candle holders, in the entrance;
  • wooden sofas with goose feather cushions and Egyptian cotton for the customers, rattan furniture and linen for the staff;
  • solid wood bar-height and sit-down tables.

All in all, I designed a soft glow, home feel atmosphere within an Open Space Office; where the boss is set up in a glass-walled office, while members of staff and customers may take in the whole interior at a glance without overstepping anyone’s privacy.

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