Catherine Painvin

The Art of Table Decoration

Over the years, Catherine was invited multiple times to design ephemeral decors for weddings and birthday parties, in France and abroad. Today, she rises to the challenge and presents a series of events held in her own home. Catherine departs from a traditional cooking class approach, mixes in a soupçon of originality and creates her own recipe for a perfect seminar-workshop, concentrating on the art of table decoration.

As part of each workshop, the team of trainees will receive a basket and pruning shears before venturing on a hike through the plains of Aubrac, seeking inspiration and a personal table decoration theme.

At one with her environment, Catherine encourages the use of seed, stones, leaves, dried fruit or wild flowers, depending on the season. Raw materials are then put together on embroidered sheets or buffalo hide available from her on-site boutique.

The team of trainees will then be invited to dream up their own dinner parties, design decoration around a chosen theme, and adapt to improvised scenarios while making use of tableware supplied by home interior specialist CÔTÉ TABLE.

These five-day seminars are also an opportunity for participants to discover and savour an array of local dishes in various nearby restaurants.

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